Back to School 2020 COVID Checklist for Parents

Usually parents are ECSTATIC to send kids back to school. But this year……………. this is something TOTALLY different.

Coach Fred Blumenberg
3 min readAug 7, 2020


“I have NEVER IN MY LIFE experienced what these kids are experiencing when it comes to going to school. We must prepare for ANYTHING.”

— Fred Blumenberg

School will be starting back for the majority of kids in the US within the next week or so. So the major concern is how do we help our kids adjust to any new normal?

2020 has been the most bizarre year that I could remember. Usually when it’s time to go back to school, parents are super excited to send their kids but this seems a bit different.

Here’s a few ways to help your kids get back in the rotation of whatever school looks like for them:

Prep them for things to be drastically different.

Schools will be working on social distancing policies as well as at-home extended distance learning of some sorts. It may look differently in many areas of the country so it’s best to prepare your kids with the mindset that things will be drastically different.

  • Possibility of required masks
  • Limited after school activities
  • No sharing of items, foods, drinks, etc.
  • Social distancing within school parameters
  • Close monitoring of all students health
  • Possibility of ½ day schooling combined with eLearning

There’s a plethora of things that schools will be changing as well as requiring kids and teachers to do. It’s unprecedented times that we’re going through and it may make the kids feel very anxious and even panicky.

It’s important to talk with them about the possibilities that they may face so that they can be informed and not afraid.



Coach Fred Blumenberg

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