Being CEO Daddy/Entrepreneur/Husband is MORE THAN a Full-Time Job

Being tired is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

Coach Fred Blumenberg
4 min readAug 4, 2020


“I KNOW FOR A FACT that most people think I have a great life of ease. Little do they know that my life is full of hectic and insane moments of lunacy — combined with many moments of fun.”

— Fred Blumenberg

Life gets hectic real quick when you have kids. It literally goes from 0–100 in two seconds. Anything can happen at any moment, anywhere, anytime.

When Michelle and I decided to move from Chicago, Illinois USA to the small quaint town of Sandpoint, Idaho USA, I made up my mind to work from home as an entrepreneur. Well, let me not make this like it was all my idea. This was actually mostly her idea that was betting and going all-in on me as an entrepreneur.

We knew by moving to the Sandpoint area that there weren’t going to be an abundance of jobs that were going to pay extremely well. We knew we weren’t in Chicago anymore. In knowing that, we decided that it was the right move for me to go all-in on my coaching business and do so from home. I always said, as long as I’ve got a good internet connection then I’m all good.

At the time, Daisy was 6 months old and Skylar was 3. Little did I know that watching the girls from home, along with doing my business was going to be the biggest challenge of my entire life. Never mind starting a business was hard enough! Yikes! What the heck was I getting myself into?

I can tell you one thing — that period of my life was a daily self-questioning of my sanity along with my decision to be a stay-at-home dad while starting a new business.

I learned very quickly that I needed to have my stuff together. It wasn’t about being the cool dad or acting like I knew what to do, it was straight survival mode for the first three months of this ordeal. Nap time…



Coach Fred Blumenberg

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