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Instilling an attitude of gratitude starts with serving others who are less fortunate.

Me, Ellie and Trey take a pic before serving over 300 cars in the cold for 2nd Harvest Community Free! Food Distribution on Fri, Jan 29, 2021

“A kid who never serves, is a kid who will grow into a self-centered adult.”

— Fred Blumenberg


As a parent, it’s very easy to tell your kids about people who are less fortunate or how they need to not be so wasteful or to take things for granted. But let’s face it, kids have NO IDEA how fortunate they are. How could they?

Kids have access to…

The loss of a family pet can cause extreme grief and intense sorrow. Here’s how we handled it as a family.

“I miss her so much.”

— Michelle Blumenberg, wife to Fred Blumenberg and an awesome mommy to four beautiful kids

When a death occurs in the family, it can have a life-long impact on kids. Death is inevitable but it isn’t talked about much until it actually happens. The death of a family pet can be just as challenging as the death of a human. Many people treat their dogs…

Usually parents are ECSTATIC to send kids back to school. But this year……………. this is something TOTALLY different.

“I have NEVER IN MY LIFE experienced what these kids are experiencing when it comes to going to school. We must prepare for ANYTHING.”

— Fred Blumenberg

School will be starting back for the majority of kids in the US within the next week or so. So the major concern is how do we help our kids adjust to any new normal?

2020 has been the most bizarre year that I could remember. Usually when it’s time…

Being tired is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

“I KNOW FOR A FACT that most people think I have a great life of ease. Little do they know that my life is full of hectic and insane moments of lunacy — combined with many moments of fun.”

— Fred Blumenberg

Life gets hectic real quick when you have kids. It literally goes from 0–100 in two seconds. Anything can happen at any moment, anywhere, anytime.

When Michelle and I decided to move from Chicago, Illinois USA to the small quaint town of Sandpoint, Idaho USA, I made up my mind…

I grew up in the generation of thick skin. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand the kids of today and why their psyche is so fragile.

“I grew up in a generation of VERY THICK SKIN. I often worry about this generation of kids where “Everyone Deserves a Trophy” and it’s about feelings and NOT reality.”

— Fred Blumenberg

Kids can often over exaggerate things to the point where they truly believe their own over exaggerations. Just listen to how they create stories with their imaginations.

Kids have imaginations that run wild which is a good thing but when it comes to life events, this can become problematic.


It’s important for us as parents to remember that our kids need to experience life for themselves and not for us to relive our experiences through them FOR THEM.

“My kids will be cooler than me and move on to live their own lives. I just want to be a close part to all that coolness.”

― Fred Blumenberg

As a dad of four kids, I could easily live vicariously through one of my kids if I chose to. But here’s the deal. It’s their lives. I have to guide them through their journey and allow them to make their own mistakes.

This is an extremely challenging thing to do on all fronts.

First off, I don’t have teenagers (yet)…

Kids learn from what WE DO, NOT what we say.

“I realized ONE THING when Trey was a toddler and he started emulating everything that I did: It’s not about what I say but MORE ABOUT what I do that will impact him for the rest of his life.”

― Fred Blumenberg

If you haven’t heard my story, I was hospitalized in October 2017 with an infection in my left knee that rendered me unable to walk at the time. That’s not how I planned to end the year of 2017.

I had a Strep virus that infected my knee. It was…

Moms humbly do their work without asking for recognition much like superheroes save the world without needing the attention.

“Momma does so many things that it makes me wonder how she has the ability to STAY SANE!”

― Fred Blumenberg

Michelle and I have been married for 13 years. People will ask me how I knew that she was “the one.” I often tell people: I just knew.

While that’s not a digestible enough answer for most people, it’s something that can’t be explained. …

We all wish we had these kinds of superpowers but what if I told you that you already did?

“I have ZERO CLUE as to what my kids are thinking but the cool thing about all of that is this… I have taught them HOW to think NOT WHAT to think. I’ve taught them to think for themselves and THAT’S what makes me so proud of them.”

— Fred Blumenberg

Have you ever had that moment when you’ve asked your kid what’s going on in that head of yours? What were you thinking? I don’t know about you but I’ve asked this very question to my kids on everyday.

We as adults are always perplexed by our kids thought…

Kids hear what you SAY but their primary focus and attention is on what you DO.

“We can lecture all day long to our kids but the minute we do something out of character, they (the kids) repeat THAT behavior INSTANTLY!”

— Fred Blumenberg

One of the hardest things for most kids to deal with is how to live life. That’s right — how to live life and understand life’s lessons. …

Coach Fred Blumenberg 🤩⚡️ #AuthenticPositivity

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